BAPV/BIPV Solutions

Integration across disciplines of building materials and photovoltaic technology. Achieves the four aspects of energy, carbon reduction, thermal insulation, and aesthetics

Efficient energy generation and value-added energy storage

Create the opportunity for smart lot-carbon transformation

All-round power plant solution

Leader in solar power plants comprehensive services fully meet customer requirement

One-stop shopping channel
Rigorously selected high quality brands

Fully meets customer requirements

Our Energy Solutions

AUO has invested in the solar energy industry and gradually established its four major solar service areas through integration of resources and collaboration with partners.

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Total installation 515 MW

Capacity of power generated 657,912,500 MWh

Until 2024/3/31

Annual household energy consumption


Volume of carbon emissions offset


Annual carbon adsorption of trees


Success Story
01/ 03

AFC Energy Storage Ancillary System

Quickly adjusts the frequency of the power system, maintains the stability of the power supply system, and expands applications and development of renewable energy.

Success Story
02/ 03

AUO High-Efficiency Module

The first choice for power plant construction, meets the needs of multiple fields.

Success Story
03/ 03

AUO Corporation X Chimei Corporation

AUO join with Chimei Corporation, which has long been concerned with the issue of environmental friendliness and development of sustainable energy, to create the "CHIMEI Green Energy Park".

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