AUO has abundant power plant development capabilities. Whether it is electrical, non-electrical, public areas, or industrial plants, AUO can provide complete or independent preparation, design and planning, engineering and construction, and intelligent maintenance according to customer needs, as well as other customized services. Due to the increasing demand for electricity and green power, the demand in customized fields is also increasing. With its mature and high-quality capabilities execution and superior integration capabilities, AUO can provide customers with comprehensive and customized solutions.


In addition to power plant development, AUO also integrates existing resources and partner resources to expand services and meet customer needs:


    • Provides customized software services to help monitor for more efficient operation of solar power plants.
    • Provides customized energy storage solutions to help customers integrate energy storage systems into renewable energy generation in the process of energy transformation, greatly improving the utilization rate of green power; the energy storage system is modular and easy to expand, and its installed capacity can be customized to the needs of the customer.