One-stop shopping, integration of solar components

AUO's many years of accumulated technology and experience in the solar field can not only provide a single product with excellent integration capabilities, but also provide its customers with integrated solutions in energy-related cross-domain fields.


AUO has excellent supply chain integration capabilities. At the same time, AUO also knows that customers are searching out the pain points of solar power plant components. Therefore, in order to serve customers in all aspects, AUO integrates well-known tier-one brands and high-quality products, making it easy for customers and simplifying the procurement process; customers can also be secure in the knowledge that AUO supervises and manage quality. At the same time, AUO Energy Shop is also the first e-commerce platform to be established in Taiwan; it fully integrates online and offline channels in its omni channel, enhances after-sales service and maintenance proficiency, and truly allows customers to utilize one-stop shopping services.


Building PV integration

Fitting solar energy systems into buildings makes the development of renewable energy more down-to-earth. With its excellent R&D capabilities, AUO has launched a solar module that can be installed in the whole building by using unique integration technology with building materials. At the same time, it combines design and planning, installation, construction and maintenance services to provide a complete BIPV & BAPV solution for buildings.


Energy storage integration

Energy storage is a necessary trend in the future development of renewable energy. In addition to providing services to help customers build solar power plants, AUO is also capable of integrating solar energy and energy storage products. Whether it is an energy storage system for an industry or household, suitable solutions can be customized according to customer needs, providing customers with complete energy storage integration solutions through hardware construction and software integration.