One-stop customer service, fitting your every need

For more than a decade, AUO has practiced and achieved the goal of clean energy together with diverse industrial customers through its abundant technical capabilities and experience in building solar power plants.


Out of this process, AUO has also learned and grown along with its customers, overcome the challenges and limitations of different fields and industries, and jointly strengthened Taiwan's supply chain. AUO also reciprocates its profound practical experience back to you, with more complete customer service, engineering technology, and maintenance service solutions.


Whether customers need to build their own power plants or intent to lease existing buildings or land, AUO, with its rich and professional experience in overall planning, can help customers from the planning and design stage to module equipment procurement, construction and operation management. Moreover, AUO can even match the customer to a solar power plant investment platform.


Superior Engineering Technology Overcomes Various Harsh Environments

AUO's engineering team has abundant practical experience, proven design and construction methods, and adopts high-quality, high-weather-resistant, high-standard modules and system components, all of which are superior to regulatory standards. Whether it is rooftop, ground-mounted, or floating, the most suitable power plant construction design can be customized for all needs. For example, in ground-mounted plants, using concrete as the basic structure and adding strength in the combination of the module and the bracket. Or in floating plants, environmentally friendly materials are used in the anchors and floating platform to respond to changes in water level in real time.


Incorporating AI intelligent maintenance and integrate software and hardware, AUO puts power plant management at your fingertips

AUO has also taken the lead in introducing AI artificial intelligence to help customers comprehensively monitor the power generation and operation of power plants. AI can not only collect big data from the site, but also further analyze operation performance, remotely diagnose abnormalities, and give immediate warning notifications. It can also automate the operation of the power plant, thus reducing labor costs for operation and maintenance and improving power generation efficiency.