Smart Manufacturing 2.0

In recent years, AUO has focused on three strategies: value transformation, technological innovation, and smart manufacturing, all to achieve its goals of improving quality, productivity, automation, and move towards green production.


There are four steps of smart manufacturing:


    • Standardization: process alignment.
    • Digitalization: digitize data and integrate all processes; then integrate all data into a big-data platform to conduct data analysis.
  • Automation: process automation and human-machine collaboration.
  • Smartification: predictive manufacturing, predictive R&D, predictive management.



Through intelligent management, such as setting up maintenance detection in AOI inspection devices, using AI technology to strengthen detection of defects, training AI models with a large amount of optical inspection data, and detecting production line products using AI image visual recognition, manual inspection errors can be avoided while improving the detection rate. At the same time, this identification technology is also applied to factory construction, device maintenance, and PPE for chemical filling operations, thereby improving environmental work safety. For example, AI technology is introduced into the quality management system to improve issues with abnormal quality; and combined with the energy monitoring system, it is introduced into the water chiller, air compressor, and other systems, which can automatically allocate load according to demand, thus optimizing the operation of the equipment and controlling energy savings in real time. After continuous digital and manufacturing transformation, it has also been unanimously affirmed by customers in a number of different industries.


Power plant monitoring > AI-based decision-making > automatic allocation > intelligent energy management

AUO upholds the intelligent manufacturing and AI management spirit in production management. In the maintenance and operation management part of solar power plants, the AUO Energy SunVeillance PV Smart Cloud Surveillance System is an integrated system that combines cloud monitoring software and high-stability data recorders to help customers with real-time monitoring of the power generation volume by PV power plants. It offers total control over the operational information and condition of power generation equipment, and provides a record of past power generation data for analysis in order to make adjustments and achieve the most appropriate equipment operation strategies. At the same time, AUO has achieved the complete operation and maintenance process management of PV power plants via abnormality detection by digital data and AI technology, quantification of loss, and automatic work assignment. All operation and maintenance tasks are automatically assigned via AI to achieve autonomous management of power plants and optimization of operational and maintenance efficiency.