AUO provides a full range of solar energy solutions

AUO provides a full range of solar energy solutions, including high-efficiency solar modules, comprehensive construction services for power plants, and power plant operation and maintenance, and energy management systems. Over the years, AUO has been actively building a green energy industry ecosystem through its abundant technical capabilities and construction experience. In addition to continuously improving its comprehensive solutions for large electricity consumers, it also assists companies in building their own solar energy plants, directly selling electricity to large electricity consumers, and transferring green electricity through the electricity sales platform. At the same time, it assists Taiwanese companies in energy creation and storage, and is building a solar energy system that coexists and integrates with the ecological environment and culture.


AUO's solid development capabilities have won it the "Outstanding System Integrator" and "Outstanding Ground System” in the 2021 Top Solar Awards. The Guanmiao Power Plant is one such example: AUO built a ground-mounted solar system above the landfill, thus turning it into a solar power plant with green energy value, bestowing the land with new value, and enabling the power plant to create greater economic benefit. On the other hand, Fargen Power Corporation, an affiliated company of AUO, constructed a floating solar system solar power generation system in the Tainan Public Detention Basin, simultaneously drawing water fowl watchers and creating coexistence and harmony between green energy and ecology. Addressing what power plants attach most importance to—safety, both cases have introduced a stop-point inspection mechanism to make power generation safer.